Thursday, January 11, 2007

OK, I Hadn't Thought of That!

I've been cruising along with no expectations (really!) of getting a referral in the next batch.

Now some smarty pants on one of my Yahoo groups had to go and remind everyone that in October 2005, as with every October, the CCAA was closed for a the first week for a national holiday. Here I am thinking, "Oh there are 3 weeks' worth of LIDs until they get to ours. There's no way we'll be in the next batch." Now you take the first week of October out of the equation and it gets the mind wondering (and wandering).

Again, September 29 last year was a big day, so that will affect things, but is it possible....

Let's not fully go there. I'm still keeping my sights on the batch after the next one, but this does raise some questions for me.


Krysta said...

WHAT??? I'm in deep if it's next month! Why is it the last 15 months have c...r...e...p...t along and now all of a sudden time is slipping by? Mind you, I'm not complaining :) No matter when it is, WE'RE CLOSE!!!

Colleen said...

It is certainly possible that we all get suprised and the CCAA does a full month. DO I think it will happen....No! has happened before. I am still holding onto March - but it could be April for us. :(