Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here We Are - In 2007

Happy New Year everyone. It will be an interesting year.

As we near the 2 year mark of starting the adoption process, we are so close to actually receiving our referral! The rumor update today is that European agencies are receiving referrals for LIDs at least through September 27, 2005. The only LID our agency has in September is September 12. The next LID at our agency after that is October 10. Hopefully, we'll find out an official cut-off date soon. But maybe they'll make it all the way through September. The 27th is pretty darn close!

I still don't expect our referral at least until the March batch, if not after because October is so big. But, Good Lord, we're getting close.

2 kids....what was I thinking?!

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