Thursday, January 04, 2007

Overall, It's Only a Slight Annoyance

We received a letter from Homeland Security today. Hmm. What could it be? I know they haven't already processed our paperwork. We've already received a letter acknowledging receipt of our paperwork. Surely, it's not....

It is. It's a fingerprint appointment letter. Huh? OK, so maybe I haven't been paying attention. Maybe I've been ignoring things said on various yahoo groups. Apparently, even though we had our fingerprints renewed in September, and they expire in December 2007, they are acting like we need to have them done again. SURELY, we don't really have to go have a fingerprints taken a 3rd time (3 months after the last time). Surely not. Hey, don't call me Shirley (sorry, I couldn't resist)

I sent an email to the Dallas adoptions person at the CIS and hope to get a response tomorrow. Our agency told us to send a copy of our old I171H with our renewed fingerprint date on it, so that they would know that we have valid, current fingerprints. We did that. Hopefully, this letter gets automatically generated and we don't really need to be re-re-printed.

We shall see. It's not a lot to get worked up about. It's just spending Saturday morning at the immigration office, maybe grab some tasty Mexican food afterward.

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