Friday, February 16, 2007

OK, Referrals Can Come Now

Back in December, we filed for the renewal of our 171H. This is the form from our government that allows us to bring an orphan into the country. We initially filed for this in May 2005 and received our 171H in August 2005. It expired last week.

When we refiled in December, we were told it would take about 60 days to process. It took just under that, so I'm excited. They even needed an addendum from our social worker at the end of January, and still did it in less than 60 days.

I think this could be a big reason why it's been OK in my mind that referrals haven't come. I had a fear that there would be a big delay in getting this form which could delay our travel once our referral arrives. Now that this little bit of worry has been taken care of, let the referrals start pouring in!!!!

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Bring on those referrals! You need to see your baby. Lets hope they hit another 9 days and get to me too! :)