Friday, February 02, 2007

Other Things Happened This Week, Too

Just to make sure you're caught up.

This was P Monday morning, well part of her anyway:

Notice the second row of teeth?

Turns out the girl has a bit of shark in her. Must come from her dad's side. He is an attorney after all (love you, honey). OK, there are only 2 extra teeth. Her two bottom middle permanent teeth decided they were going to come on out, but were nice enough not to push the babies out. Hence, my shark girl. She had an appointment on Monday for a cleaning anyway, so while we were there...P got her first taste of nitrous. I'll spare you the "after" pics because not only are they close ups of the inside of a 5 year old's mouth, they feature bloody pits where the baby teeth were. P went through the whole thing just fine. She wasn't bothered at all. And there was the added bonus of the visit from the Tooth Fairy Monday night.

On a more serene note, we woke up this morning to this:

An actual blanket of snow fell overnight. We rarely get actual snow here, so it was a really nice change. We usually get ice that makes the roads a bit dangerous and people a bit nutty. But this...this "snow"... it made everything really pretty and "Winter Wonderland-y" AND the roads were clear. Apparently, even on the dry roads, some people felt the need to drive slowly because of all the snow on the grass, but for the most part things are running smoothly.

While I was out taking pics this morning, I came across this:

I'm ready for my close up.
I'm not fat, I'm just poofy.

Ah, It's been a good week.

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