Sunday, May 06, 2007

I Am Overwhelmed

No, not by packing. Not by the things left to do here at home before we leave.

I am overwhelmed by my church family. Unlike last week, we went to church today. We are so surrounded by love at our church.

I've actually heard people say they don't get "warm fuzzies" at our church.

Well first of all, my main reason for going to church isn't "warm fuzzies". But, that's a whole other, non-adoption related post. But, I must say I am overwhelmed by the amount of love that our church family has for us.

I had so many people tell me today that we are in their prayers daily and will be during our trip. I've jokingly told them to pray for my stomach, because I think the butterflies are doing backflips.

I've gotten hugs and kisses and so many expressions of boundless joy, I'm quite humbled and overwhelmed.

I know this trip will go smoothly. I know we will be surrounded by prayer and love for the entire time. I know there are so many people sending prayers up to heaven on our behalf that God may be overwhelmed by the love, too.


Jason, Krysta & Jia said...

It's so nice to know that you're loved, isn't it? What a blessing for your daughter to be welcomed in to a family like yours!

ElastiGirl said...

I can't wait to be divesting myself & have two little girls come in & say - "I wanna go to your house to play today!!" - makes me smile to think about it!!