Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Red Couch Pictures

It's a tradition among families adopting from China to take pictures of the babies on one of the red couches at the White Swan Hotel. Here's how our photo session went Tuesday night.

That's a bird cage behind the couch. It's quite large with several birds.
All of the babies in our travel group.

The moms and babies of our travel group.

Our travel group. Our guide, Rui, is second from the left on the back row.

Here is one of the pictures I tried to upload the other night. It was taken on Sunday. Josie has since learned to climb up onto the bed from her bed, completely unassisted.

As a side note, I'm really not getting lazy about posting. This post took me a little over an hour. Uploading the pictures is trying my patience.


Anonymous said...

Three more days until your journey back...and little Josie will finally see her big sister and her new home!
Thank you for sharing all your wonderful & special photos with everyone...I've never cried so much! We saw sweet little Phoebe at the Kindergarten show (Sue brought her) Phoebe sat with us for a little while (well really she sat with Ethan):). Love her new short "hair-do"....she is so adorable. See you soon.
Christine & Tom

Mary Beth said...

Gorgeous outfits on everyone. Josie is the cutest (I am prejudiced!)

mama.king said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for thinking of us and taking the time to upload them. We can't wait until you are home!

ElastiGirl said...

too cute - even in the atates the internet can be SO slooooww - was in Nashville - or i'm spoiled to the fios -
see you later today!!