Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday and Sunday

Let's face it. You're just here for the pictures. I could tell you the places that we visited on Saturday and Sunday, and you'd just scan it and get to the pictures. So, I'll just throw in a few lines as we go.

The first picture is for my Phoebe girl. For those who can't see it, the bear says "I love my sister". P has a bear like this at home, too. We took a picture of her with it and we're showing it to Josie every day.
Josie with her toys.
The next few pics are from Saturday at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Revolutionary leader. Pretty gardens. The whole place smells like flowers. Very nice.

Saturday night we were approached by a university student. We assumed she wanted to practice her English. She asked why we were in China and we told her we were adopting J. She got a bit verklempt. She asked if she could take "moving pictures" of us. We found out she and a couple of other students were sent out by their teacher with a camera and told to find a story. They interviewed us about adopting from China. They had NEVER HEARD of people coming to China to adopt babies. As we walked with them toward our hotel, they kept seeing more and more families and saying "there's another one!"
Sunday we went to the zoo. It was a bit rainy, but that just made it a little cooler than it has been for the past few days.
This picture is for Tate. He told me to be sure to look for pandas in China and take pictures of them. Here you go buddy. He wasn't drinking out of the water fountain though. He was just resting.

Josie seems to be doing really well. She makes all kinds of noises. Guess I'll be the only quiet one in the family. Unlike most babies her age, she doesn't put anything in her mouth. Well, besides her fingers and her bottle. We can't get her to eat any baby food off of a spoon, or any other way. So, it goes into the bottle too. We are only giving her a little. The last couple of days she's spit up a few times. Today we decided to not spike her bottle with fruit, etc. and see if that helped. We'll get there. We can work on eating from a spoon when we get home.

The girl LOVES being on the bus, unlike a lot of the other babies. She just stares out the window the whole time and bounces and hits the window with her hands. The highlight of my day on Saturday was when we were on the bus on the way to the memorial. She actually leaned over, while looking out the window, and started sucking on my arm. This is the first thing she's put her mouth on. Later in the day, she actually picked up her soft rattle and put it on her mouth, but not in it. We're not sure why she has this aversion. Our guide suggested to another family whose child is the same way that maybe the orphanage wouldn't let her put things in her mouth.

She is sleeping well. The first few days, she slept for 11 hours each night. Then, Thursday night and Friday night she woke up several times. A lady in our travel group said she'd heard that was normal. Apparently, after the babies start getting used to the new parents and bonding with them, they wake up in the middle of the night to make sure they are still there. I guess I can't get too cranky about that. [Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I started typing about J being a good sleeper, she woke up about an hour early from her afternoon nap! Oh well. Guess we'll go wander around.]


Susie said...

Tate says, "Cool", about the panda pic. He wants to make sure you know how the pandas wander around free there, walking down the street and into buildings, and up the stairs.

Phoebe's doing great. We've seen her every couple of days. She went to Tate's kindergarten play w/ us and had a good time. I'd send you the pic, but I'm not that smart.

Oh, and while you're out shopping, pick me up one of those babies. They're cute!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Wow. J could sure teach her friend E some lessons about not putting things in her mouth.

My child will eat anything. Food scraps, paper, cat poop....

Ya'll look beautiful together as a family!

ElastiGirl said...

I'm taking the computer on the trip - I'll still be checking in!!

That's a cool thought about teh sleeping/wake-ups! If you're taking orders, I'll have one too - why should you & Sue have all of the fun?!

ElastiGirl said...

tingling with happiness over the "ilove my sister bears" - form the salsa in china blog!!

mama.king said...

People were asking about you at church yesterday. Everyone is excited about your new family member and thinks she is adorable. We showed N the picture and he kept asking to see "more baby." Can't wait until they meet in person.