Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Last Day in China

Today is our last day here. I can't believe it!

On the one hand, it seems to have flown by. On the other hand, I'm so ready to be home. Maybe the "ready to be home" hand is the one with the carpal tunnel acting up. :)

We've missed our family and friends and especially our Phoebe girl. I can't wait to hug Phoebe the second I see her!

Yesterday was our American consulate appointment. Turns out, that's not even something we had to go to the consulate for. Our guide went on behalf of all of the families and took the paperwork. Today, in about 30 minutes, we will leave to go to the consulate for the "swearing in" ceremony and to get our babies' visas. At that point, all of our official business here will be done.

Our flight leaves tomorrow at 7:50am, which means our bus leaves the hotel at 5:30am. We land in Tokyo around 1pm and leave for DFW around 6pm. Keep us in your prayers for a smooth, "quick" flight. When we land in Dallas, around 3:30pm Saturday, we will have been "up" for 24 hours. Hopefully, there will be lots of sleep to be had on the plane.

Thank you all so much for your comments on the posts. It's been great to have that contact with home.

Love to all and see you soon.


Meizhi's Mom said...

Safe journey home and post when you can!

Erin & Meizhi

Mary Beth said...

Travelling mercies!

Sarah said...

I can't believe the time has already gone by.

Have a safe trip home!

Anonymous said...

Cyndi, Allen, J.J. - prayers for a smooth and safe flight. No clogged up ears - prayers that the "drone" will sooth. We will be so happy to see you and to meet our new family member. God's Peace and God's speed to bring you all safely home to the good and great U.S. of A. BM

ElastiGirl said...

continuing to pray for safe & easy journey -

Sue Pearson said...

Congradulations, Allen & Cyndi, on the new additon. Sure hope she sleeps on the plane and lets you get some rest as well. Nancy has keep me up to date on her new grandbaby.

Sue Pearson, Nancy & Roger's friend from Galax.

J-n-K-n-J said...

I was so bummed we didn't get to say goodbye to you guys! It was so fun to share a small part of this journey together. I loved you as much as I thought I would!

I hope you made it safe and sound and your transition home has been an easy one. I'm sure Phoebe was so happy to have the 3 of you finally home! I'm looking forward to watching your girls (doesn't that sound great?!) grow up. You are blessed!

Sending lots of love your way,