Saturday, May 05, 2007

What Will We Be Doing in China?

Glad you asked.

Aside from meeting our baby J, we will be doing a few other things. When we arrive in Beijing, we will be staying at the Poly Plaza Hotel. While there, we will visit:

The Great Wall of China
Tian An Men Square

AND The Forbidden City
Did I mention we'll be doing all of this in one day?

After this whirlwind, we're off to Guangzhou. While there, we'll be staying at the White Swan. Other than meeting Josie and official appointments, we are also scheduled to visit:

The Chen Family Temple
Six Banyan Trees Temple

Zhong Shan Memorial Hall

Yun Tai Garden

AND the zoo! Sorry no pics.

I think we'll be busy. No, this is not all in one day like Beijing. But, it IS all after we get Josie. Factoring that in, I'm not sure we'll make it to all of these destinations. Certainly we'll try, but she comes first and if she needs to stay in and nap or play, that's what we'll do.

All of these tours start at 9 am. I'm sure some are longer than others, but I do hope that a great part of our afternoons are open for baby naps. We shall see.

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