Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Time at the Civil Affairs Office

Yesterday afternoon was amazing. We all left the hotel about 3:30.

We arrived at the building and waited in a hallway until it was our time to go in. We went into the waiting room, and there were other families in another room who had already met their babies. I figured we'd be going into that room after they came out.

Nope. We received our babies in the waiting room. I think we were the last group of the day. It was so amazing. Watching the people we've become friends with over the last few days receive their girls. We were 6th to receive our baby. We all traded videotaping and taking pictures for each other.
The room was pretty hot. Josie, even though she was dressed lighter than most, was so sweaty. When she cried her face just got even redder.

We were able to talk to the caretakers about her. I gave one of them the book that I purchased that had all of the questions in Chinese and English. I'd circled about 20, but was planning to just point out 5 or 6 for her to answer. She answered all of them. I need to translate them, but our guide Rui is going to do that for me.

We got back to the hotel and had dinner in our room. Josie fell asleep around 9pm and she is still asleep now at 6:50am. I think there may be some trauma and tears when she wakes up and sees that she's still with these strangers.
And now, more pics from yesterday:

More tears:




ElastiGirl said...

i cannot stop looking at these - makes it hard to study!! she is too cute - happy new mom's day! i'm picturing you all out on tour right now!!

Mary Beth said...

Ditto that.

I have them on my screensaver rotation (along with all the other pix in my file) and it makes me grin every time.


Samantha said...

Congratulations she is gorgeous! I was crying after viewing your photos! I am very happy for you all!

DOR 5/1/07

Alyson, Brett & Girls said...

Oh Cynde---now you have me crying! I can only imagine the myriad of emotions you have all had in the past several hours and days. As I am gathering the last few things, getting ready to leave, I am devouring your posts and pictures, envisioning what it will be like for me in a couple weeks. Please know that I am virtualy with you every step of the way and hoping and wishing wonderful and happy days for you all and Miss J!!!



ted said...

It's OK, Cynde. I'm crying too. :-)