Saturday, May 12, 2007

Touring Beijing

Hey, that's quite a picture of Tian An Men Square, huh? Can you see it? No?

Hmmmm. Maybe that's because our camera is having fits. We took about 150 pics around Tian An Men Square and the Forbidden City today. On the way to the Great Wall, our camera started flashing some code that made us believe it just needed to be charged. We bought a disposable camera at the Great Wall and snapped several pictures there. When we returned to the hotel, we discovered that the code the camera was flashing means that the card is not formatted. Huh? It's been working fine and then it just decided it didn't recognize the card.

So, I really hope the pics are still on the card and can be retrieved. Right now we have no way of knowing for sure.

The upside, if there is one, is that at least we aren't talking about "Josie Day' pictures. I would be...I don't even know how to describe how I'd feel if we lost pictures from the moment we become a family. This, of course, does make me nervous that it could happen again on Josie Day, but we'll figure something out. We do have the other, smaller camera, but it was having problems focusing at the airport last night. Then again, so was I. A put new batteries in that camera and it seems to be working just fine.

Anyhoo, our tours today were wonderful. They are refurbishing parts of the Forbidden City in preparation for the Olympics next year, so the big hall in the middle of the grounds that's always used in the movies was covered by netting. Oh well.

We climbed pretty far up the Great Wall. Far enough to get a certificate saying we climbed the Great Wall. That was cool.

Hopefully we'll get the camera situation straightened out and I won't have to start cussing. I'm really praying that God will take an interest in this little technology glitch and decide on some divine intervention.

I'm exhausted, and must get in bed. We get up at 5am to fly to Guangzhou. Luckily, most of the day is free and I can get a nap if I need to.

Phoebe: Hope you're having fun. We miss you and love you. It was nice to talk to you for a little bit this morning. Hugs and Kisses.


Anonymous said...

YAYY!! You're there - I didn't expect posts yet - maybe you'll have to lay hands on the camera - it cannot interfere with us getting to see pics of the new girl with her mama & daddy!

Lots of prayers for you all - and for the camera -

pajama mama said...

I think you can probably buy another card there and try that one. If not, it is possible to buy quite a good camera in china - my exchange student had one better than mine!
Good luck!
Leaving for China tonight!

Brandi said...

We dropped our video camera in the middle of the Forbidden City (after taking a break to eat an ice cream treat) and were without a video camera the rest of our trip. Strange things apparently happen to cameras there!!! The curse of Mao. I pray you get your camera situation resolved. If not, I'm sure you can get by on disposable cameras. The photo developing places in China will make you a disk you can use to upload.

Have you noticed the britches on the little kids in China. No diapers (not even on the babies)! Just flaps on the back of their pants! We saw a little boy on the Great Wall with his parents "parking" the kid, trying to get him to go to the bathroom (on demand). I guess it's like training a dog. Now you know why the Chinese always take off their shoes.

Joyfully checking in on you daily! Can't wait to see the baby!


Anonymous said...

Hey - please pray for me as I preach tomorrow - that'll give you a task!!

Anonymous said...

Right now it is almost noon there - are you enjoying the amenities at the White Swan yet? The Man-child requests pictures of the Chinese food - especially the pickled rooster heads (like he saw on Nesting for Natalie)- he's reading this with me even though it's WAY past his bedtime -