Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Swan Has Landed

It's about 1:30 pm. We've just arrived at the White Swan. The photo problem appears to be the card and not the camera, so that's something. We put the card into another family's camera and it didn't read it either. So, we still don't know if the pictures are retrievable, but hopefully if we get a new card, we won't have problems.

MIL suggested buying a camera so there are no regrets. Sounds good to me, don't know if A's wild about the idea.

The Fuji is working:

Aren't we cute. A got a bit of sun yesterday. One of these days we're going to learn to apply sunscreen when we're going to be wandering around outside for hours.

Apparently, the Fuji was taking blurry pictures because it needed batteries? Even though there was no "low battery" indicator? OK.

So, we leave to get the babies in about 26.5 hours. What to do until then...

Stare at this in the floor of my room?

Uh. Hope she can't crawl?

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Magi said...

We had a wooden crib at the White Swan. I'm sure they can swap it out for you, if needed. It's almost time!