Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Pictures

These are more pictures from yesterday when we got Josie. We have taken more pictures today, but they are not on the computer yet. Hope these will tide you over until those are downloaded.

Toys come and go, but the lid rocks.

I don't know if you can tell, but in the pictures where it looks like she's sucking her thumb, it's actually her thumb AND index finger.


Sarah said...

I love the one where she looks like she is studying the lid (probably right before it goes in to the mouth). I have seen E do that quite a bit! Can't wait to get them together. From the pics, they look like they are about the same size. Maybe Josie is a little taller?

Also...love the red lipstick. It's hot!

Mary Beth said...

So cute. I love Allen's necklace, too. Is that a P creation?

ElastiGirl said...

I love the fat pads on the tops of her feet! The brown-eyed boy had those & it was a favorite spot to kiss!!
(I held off until 1:15 to look for new pics!)

Lineberry said...

Allen's necklace IS a P creation and it says "Dad Rocks"

too cute