Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Medical Check Up

Wednesday, Josie had a medical checkup to make sure she's well enough to leave the country. She passed with flying colors. She weighed 17 2/3 lbs and is 27 3/4" long. Here are a few pictures of the experience.

Here's the entrance to the clinic.
Josie having her temperature taken. We just loved the nurses' hats.
Josie's bottom on the scale showing 8.020kg.

Measuring Josie's length. How do you like that eye chart?
Josie is 70.5 cm long.
Open up and say ah? I don't think so!
How big is her head?
Can she stand? Only when she wants to.

Shopping for lunch after the checkup. No, really. Not for us, but that's exactly what this shop was.


Anonymous said...

Just three more days until you begin your journey back...and little Josie will finally get to see her big sister and her new home! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful & special photos with everyone...I've never cried so much! We saw sweet Phoebe last week at the kindergarten show (Sue brought her), Phoebe sat with us (well really Ethan) :) for a little while. Love her short "hair-do"...she is so adorable! See you soon.
Christine & Tom

Mary Beth said...

These are darling pictures, and the eels...well, they finish it off in a very special way!!!

Sarah said...

Wow. E just had her 9 month check up and they are almost identical in size! E weighs 7 1/2 lbs and it 28 inches tall. Pretty cool! 2 more days! YAY!

Sarah said...

Uh...that should read 17 1/2 pounds. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey - I think those eels are not vegetarian fare anyway! Hate those caps - was so happy they were gone by the time I finished school - verification word os medio - concidence?!